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If you are seeking the best Tyres and of premium brand names and quality, look no further. Cheap Tyres Sale In Sydney will come to your assistance in everything you require in related to your vehicle, your Tyres and your Wheels.

  • Our Tyres are constantly on sale, round the clock
  • High quality, premium branded and non-branded Tyres
  • Affordable prices
  • Assurance on first-class fitment

why you should buy from Cheap Tyres 4 Sales:

Our technicians are experienced, trustworthy, reliable and most importantly, well trained in their field of work. They are expert in fitting and installing, Tyre repair and restoration, fitting and changing your Tyres and wheels, as well as balancing and aligning your wheels.

Our Latest Offers on Tyres:

  • Buy 1 Tyre And Get The 2nd Tyre For Half-Price (* Conditions Apply)
  • Price are inclusive of GST
  • Free Safety Check
  • Free Tubeless Valves
  • Free Tyre Fitting
  • Free Standard Wheel Balancing
  • Free Eco-friendly Tyre Recycling
  • Discount on Wheel Alignment
  • Discount on Pink Slip

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Great Range of Tyres brands we stock:

Cheap Tyres 4 Sales has thousands of Tyre collection for you to select. Some of the most sought after brands bought from us are listed below.


Introducing in 1988, Silverstone Tyres have taken the world by storm. Their quality is superior and within a short span of time, they have become customer favourite. By this year, they are now manufacturing to 60 countries worldwide. They have Tyres suitable for summer and winter. They also have 4x4 Tyres.


Hailing from Korea in 1941, Hankook is now the 7 th largest Tyre manufacturing companies in the world. Their Tyres are more advanced than other brands that is why they are a bit pricier. But it is cost effective since the Tyres have reputations of running for 70,000 miles. Hankook Tyres have various sizes and shapes, adjustable and suitable for all kinds of vehicles.


When you come across a Bridgestone Tyre advertisement, you will notice how the vehicle travels through snow, bumpy roads, through water and through forest. Yet, the car stays intact and does not slide off. This is what Bridgestone is all about. One of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, Bridgestone Tyres have taken the globe by storm. Pricier than expected, but it is absolutely durable and will provide top-notch service to your car.


The third leading Tyre production company, Goodyear Tyres have come a long way. Their Tyres are state-of-the-art and are fabricated in such a way that they are all-season durable. They have various types of Tyres. Some of the common names are

  • Assurance Fuelmax
  • Assurance Triple-Tread All Season
  • Assurance Triple-Tread
  • Wrangler TD
  • Wrangler Silent Armor

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