Silverstone Tyres

Silverstone Tyres was first introduced to the world in 1988. Since then onwards, they have maintained a reputation of delivering some seriously high quality Tyres for different ranges of vehicles. And now, they have Tyres manufacturing in 60 countries worldwide.

Over the times, Silverstone Tyres have come up with progressive technology that supplies with outstanding Tyres that are long lasting, tough and weather resistant. Cheap Tyres For Sale Sydney has a huge collection of Silverstone Tyres. In fact, we have all ranges of Silverstone Tyres. Such as,

  • Summer Tyres- These Tyres are made in such a manner that are heat resistant and can tolerate temperature more than 7-degree centigrade. Because the roads get hotter in summer, the Tyres tend to wear of easily. However, summer Tyres are designed in special rubber to verify proper and adequate grip and breaks.
  • Winter Tyres- Silverstone Tyres have modified some of their Tyres keeping the winter roads in mind. The Tyres are made out of special tread rubber that are skid resistant and can perform, brake perfectly on snowy, icy roads, temperatures that goes below 7-degree centigrade.
  • Silverstone 4x4 Tyres- These special kinds of Tyres are super strong and durable, made for the off-road adventures. Off-roads consist of mountainous paths, rocky, uneven surfaces, sandy and even snowy paths. These kind of Tyres are made out of extra special tread rubber.

In Cheap Tyres For Sale Sydney, you can buy any kinds of Silverstone Tyres depending on your vehicle and what you are looking for. Our expert technicians will also aid you to decide on what exactly you require. It is also important to take an expert’s advice because Silverstone makes Tyres appropriate for sedans, light and heavy commercial vehicles, industrial and agricultural automobiles, 4x4s as well as high performance transportations.

Besides manufacturing private and commercial, heavy duty vehicles of all kinds, Silverstone also produces Tyres relevant to various machineries such as lawn mowers, turf and utility, for farming, rough grounds, residential and commercial constructions, ATV, non-marking as well as rubber tracks.

Silverstone Tyre company modifies their Tyre structures and methods based on the popular demands from the drivers. They use high quality formula and technique that allows constant changes in the Tyres, depending on the situation. This is the reason why Silverstone is highly recommended by drivers all around. Also, this is one of the primary reasons why Silverstone Tyres has won numerous awards over the years. They have won Malaysia’s SIRIM and accredited international certificates such as USA’s DOT Marking of Quality, UK’s E11, Malaysia’s SIRIM and the ISO 9002 BVQI Certification of Quality Management.

The Tyres from Silverstone are well known as being tubeless, radials and more importantly low profile, thus making it one of the sought after Tyres in this 21 st Century.

If you want original, good quality Silverstone Tyres for your vehicle, regardless of the type, brand or the year, visit Tyre Sales Services Sydney. We have a massive collection of Silverstone Tyres. If you require any professional advice regarding which kind of Tyres will fit your vehicle the best, talk to one of our staffs. They will provide you with a detailed information on what to buy, what will be the best and everything else that you need to know.

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