Cheap Tyres 4 Sales promises to provide the best services to all our customers. We are a wholesale Tyre dealer and our shop has a mountain full of Tyres from all kinds of big brands to smaller ones. We provide Tyres For Sale all over Sydney. These services include:

  • Tyres for Sale
  • Tyre Fittings
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tyres Recycling
  • Wheel balancing
  • Tyre Repair and Restoration
  • We also provide services if your Tyres and wheels become dysfunctional anywhere in Sydney.

Tyres are one of the crucial parts of a vehicle. If a Tyre gets punctured or even if one of the bolts get broken, for example, it will become hazardous to drive. You cannot have uneven Tyres either. They must meet the manufacturer’s specification. Also, your Tyres must be aired as per instruction. The importance of Tyres is listed below.


Cheap Tyres Sales In Sydney have well trained technicians who are pro at fitting Tyres on to your vehicles. We deal with all kinds of vehicles and all sizes of Tyres. Besides fitting Tyres, we also do a round check-up, wheel rotation and aligning the new Tyres.


Proper wheel alignments improve the driving of a vehicle and ensure better handling. If the wheels are not properly aligned, the steering wheel will vibrant, the vehicle will produce an uncomfortable ride. It is always important to have a regular check on your wheel alignment. This is what we are expert in. Cheap Tyres 4 Sales will assist you in checking and restoring wheel alignment.

Wheel Balancing

Why is wheel balancing important? Wheels help to run the vehicle smoothly. If the wheels are not balanced properly, not only will it make the vehicle dangerous to drive, it will also put a lot of pressure on the Tyres. The Tyres will erode faster. There will be an escalate on the bearings and shock absorbers, the whole suspension system and also on the steering. Cheap Tyres 4 Sales have facilities that enable proper wheel balancing so that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

Tyre Repair & Restoration

Cheap Tyres 4 Sales provide every kind of Tyre Brand repair. In the minor repairs, we deal with Tyres punctured at 1.6mm deep. This kind of repairing does not take much effort. We just make sure that we secure the punctured area from moisture and dust entering.

The major repair involves Tyres that are severely punctured, burnt or totally damaged. We have experienced technicians who will fix the Tyres with great care. We also do repair services on heavier vehicles like Utes, trucks and 4WDs. Cheap Tyres 4 Sales does restoration to wheels that are affected by scratches, bents or have been chipped. We know how expensive it is to buy or replace a new wheel. Therefore, we will suggest you to restore your damaged Tyre and our expert hands will do it to make the wheels look brand new.


Cheap Tyres 4 Sales has their own area where they recycle thousands of Tyres every year. This area is specifically made so that recycling won’t hamper the environment. Yes, we do eco-friendly recycling because toxic released from burning Tyres are extremely harmful for the human beings as well as for the animals and the environment.

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