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At Cheap Tyres 4 Sales, we believe in luxury comes in high quality and at economical value. That is why we are introducing brands of Tyres at wholesale prices. Based in Yagoona & Ingleburn NSW, we have a wide range of Tyre collection that support Sedans, Trucks, UTEs, 4x4, Light Trucks, Vans to Sports Cars as well as Winter Tyres. We offer flat prices for brands such as Silverstone, Hankook, Bridgestone, Goodyear and so on.

We are a wholesale Tyre Sales Services Sydney dealer, focusing mainly on your road safety. We are reliable, trustworthy and are expert in our field of work. What we do defines us the best- we are cheap Tyres that are on sale every day of the year, round the clock.

Cheap Tyres 4 Sales will set up a satisfactory medium for you. Our services include:

  • Tyres for Sale
  • Tyre Fittings
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Tyre Repair and Restoration

Apart from all the above services, we also have special monthly packages and Offers.

We offer effortless shopping

Our shop is furnished with bulking amount of Tyres that come in different sizes and brands, hence different prices. Since we are a wholesale market, our prices will never commit any offense in crashing your budget. We have Tyres that are unbranded to Tyres that are premium. Come and visit us in Yagoona, Ingleburn or Wollongong. Our Cheap Tyre Prices Sydney offer gives you a complete new experience in easy shopping. Select your favourite brand of Tyres and leave the rest to us. We will provide your precious vehicle with a thorough check on the Tyres, Adjusting, Repairing and Restoring, Changing and Fitting wherever it is required.

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All about your tyres

Acquiring knowledge about your Tyres is one of the crucial parts of knowing about your car. The better the Tyre Brand, the sturdier and safer it is to drive. A lot of important factors lie on the shoulder of your Tyres. If your Tyres are not accurately air pumped or if they are aligned properly, if they not balanced either, it will make driving dangerous.

Tyres come in different sizes. You will have to select and buy wheels and Tyres accordingly, depending on what you are driving. We have everything in between 13” to 22”. If you don’t find your desired Tyres, we will stock it up for you.

Tips & Information before buying tyres

These tips and information are provided to give you an idea on what to look for once you visit Cheap Tyres for Sale Sydney. Branded and pricier Tyres will definitely service you in the long run, however, you should always check your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines. Next important tip is make sure the Tyres fit your vehicle properly. Last crucial information is to make sure the Tyres on the same rod have identical tread shape and depth. This will make the motor vehicle to manoeuver and steer better and safer.

Replacing your tyres

There are certain signs that will indicate the right time to change your Tyres. For example, if you see your Tyre has 2mm tread left, you should not hesitate to change it. You should maintain this for your as well as the road safety issue.

Reinstalling your tyres

Cheap Tyres Sale Sydney avails services of reinstalling your Tyres that will make them look brand new. We also offer the following services:

  • Repair and restore your old rims
  • Cosmetic restoration and aesthetic improvement for your wheel sets
  • We mend gutter damage, cracks and bents
  • We do painting and repair scratches, chips, gouges and scuffing

Contact Information

Cheap Tyres 4 Sales is here to lend you a helping hand when it comes to your vehicle issues. We understand the distress and concerns one faces in thinking about the cost. We are a wholesale Tyre dealer and we sell branded, premium Tyres at cheap prices.

Give us a call at 87987610 or 0414 969 969 . Or you can click on our ‘Get a Quote’, fill up the form and submit it to us.

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