Tips and Tricks to Maintain Tyre Air Pressure

Many drivers do not pay attention to tyre air pressure without realizing how important it is for the life of your tyres and your car’s safety. Therefore Cheap Tyre 4 Sale shares a few tips and tricks to maintain tyre air pressure.


“Max. Cold Press.” number is embossed on the sidewalls of most tyres. It is not recommended to use this pressure in your tyres! The right air pressure is on a plaque embossed inside the driver's front door. This is the recommended pressure by car manufacturer based on the weight of the car and the tyre size.


Many drivers like to change their tyre pressures a bit, adjusting according to their preferences of the kind of ride they want. You should not do it but if you do, do it only within rather tight limits. Adjust not more than a few pounds on either side of the manufacturer's baseline.

Stiffer tyres transmit more energy during an impact to the wheels as compared to tyres that can flex a bit. Too much wear in the centre of the tread is a sign of overpressure and too much wear on the shoulders of the tyre is a sign of low pressure.


Check the pressure when the tyres are cold before driving to get consistent readings. Leave a pound or two less than usual if you must add air to hot tyres, depending on how much cold air you are adding.

Make sure to check your pressures on frigid mornings when cold weather comes around. This is because, for every 10-degree drop in temperature, air pressure drops about 1 psi. This loss of pressure combined with cold-stiffened rubber can sometimes cause tyres to spring otherwise unexplainable leaks.


Running at low pressure for a long period of time can progressively damage the sidewall of the tyre. A little bit of foldover will damage the rubber, and the inner edges will start to scrub rubber off the inside of the tyres, leaving the cords exposed, and handfuls of rubber dust inside the tyre.

Air pressure maintenance is the most important maintenance items on your car. Proper air maintenance in your tyres means better gas mileage, no irregular wear and an extended life of your tyres. If it is not part of your maintenance routine, you really should be trying to make it at least a monthly item.

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